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Vizslas are eye catching animals. Their pleasing coloration, short hair and body size lend interest to would be pet owners. The American Kennel Club has placed the Vizsla in their sporting group. To a prospective pet owner the word SPORTING should be the first clue of the breed's nature. Sporting dogs are generally athletic, energetic and come with varying amounts of prey drive.

Vizsla's can be very creative, energetic and sometimes refered to as Velcro dogs. They don't take to harsh training methods but they do need to be trained. They tend to mature slowly and, like children, Vizslas need constant supervision.

There are sites on the "Net" which offer misleading information about this breed thus enticing people to purchase animals without a complete understanding of the animal's needs. Animal owners sometimes find themselves in dire situations where they are unable to keep their beloved pets. Due to the growing popularity of this breed we have become aware of an alarming number of unwanted Vizslas.

In 1992 The Texas Gulf Coast Vizsla Club, Inc. (TGCVC) realized the need and founded a rescue program. Our rescue program operates by a set of written guidelines adopted by our club. Our procedures are accepted by other rescue organizations throughout the area. The TGCVC rescue program accepts only purebred Vizslas or dogs that closely resemble this breed's standard.

Our boundaries of operation are set by our parent club (The Vizsla Club of America). Our program is designed to provide foster care and permanent placement of abandoned and unwanted Vizslas. Dogs come to us from the streets, shelters and owner surrenders.

We gather and assemble as much information as possible about an animal before it is accepted into our program. Once accepted, the animal's health issues are addressed. While an animal is in foster care its personality and behaviors are observed and any issues addressed. All animals adopted through our program will be brought up to date on vaccinations and will be spayed or neutered. The TGCVC rescue program is manned by the generosity of our club members and others who love the breed. Funds to cover operating expenses come from raffles, donations and adoption fees.

Not every dog will fit into every family. Dwellings, desires, and life style of potential adopting families are evaluated. If accepted a family's name is placed on our waiting list. When a dog is ready to leave foster care, it is placed with what we feel is the appropriate family. Our hopes are that each placement lasts a lifetime and we strive to remain in contact with adopting families to resolve any issue that might arise.

Puppies take a tremendous amount of supervision and training. In our hustle bustle society many people who wish to have a dog just don't have the time that a puppy deserves. It's been our experience that an older dog can adjust and quickly become part of a family.

The information contained in this web site is compiled from the experience of many long time Vizsla owners and breeders. We offer this experience to help you decide for yourself if the Vizsla is really a breed for you.

For additional information on adoption, contact;

Peggy Ross at 281-356-7350

Kate Payne at 713-863-8607(evenings)

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